Maria Simone

About Maria Simone

Maria Simone is a woman's wear label made by designer Simone Andreta.

The label promises of unique piece for everyone. Aside from its uniqueness, Maria Simone stands out because of the cause Simone Andreta believes in. She believes in the talent and craftsmanship of elderly ladies, thus each embroidered piece from this clothing line are the handiwork of elderly ladies. Simone also supports in NGO that promotes animal protection. This support is observed in the usual use of cats in the labels design.

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday: from 12 to 18 pm
Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 19hs
Not open on Sundays


Rua Harmonia, 342 Vila Madalena
05435000 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Email Address


(11) 3811.9335


Maria Simone
Maria Simone
Maria Simone